Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gun Control: Disarm Police

Criminals study police response times and crazies head for "gun free zones" to do their crimes.  This is the other side of the coin where people believe the police will serve and protect them.  What we get is a certain personality among police officers.

This should be studied more, but comes a researcher:
It appears that a person is three times safer with a concealed carry permit holder than they are with a police officer.
This does not surprise me, but it should be verified.  So what if it is true?  Then disarm police officers.  Have them serve and protect without weapons.  Like in the UK.  The murder rate will not go down, but  population that is drawn to police work will change.  And those more inclined to murder will not become police officers.  Because of different kinds of people becoming police, there would be less murder by police.

Well, then who confronts the bank robber and the crazy.  Either you, or a private guard you hire, just as it is in most situations where security is important.

When the bad guys cannot plot out police response times, and the crazies have no idea who will bust a cap in their head, because of just a few concealed carry citizens, we are all safer.

If we begin gun control, start with the police.

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