Monday, October 7, 2013

Poverty Draft

As is universally accepted, the people who came up with the "all volunteer army" knew exactly what they were doing.  No longer would the privileged be at risk in a draft, now there would be a poverty draft in which the poor would sign up as the path of least resistance out of their circumstances.  And welfare queens like Rush Limbaugh whose empire is built on state monopoly of radio can applaud these who are about to die, for their service.  Doggone right, they are human sacrifice so that Rush might be happily rotund.

Under an all volunteer army, these people may volunteer to put on the uniform, but they did not volunteer for the oppression that made the military their best option.

In the military, we are denied the good of their creativity, what they would do if they were free.  So the task at hand is reach a polity of maximum freedom.  Tolstoy is a good start.

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