Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pacifica Radio and Drone Killings

When you make donations to Pacifica Radio and its show Democracy now, Amy Goodman earns millions.  For her part, she makes sure that all criticism of the regime remains cloudy and ineffectual.

She has a drone-operator killer on her show, and manages to conduct a content free discussion.
BRANDON BRYANT: Because there’s so much misinformation out there, that—so much speculation, and—and that’s wrong. The United States government hasn’t really done a good job of humanizing the people that do it. And everyone else thinks that the whole program or the people behind it are a joke, that we are video-game warriors, that we’re Nintendo warriors. And that’s—that’s really not the case. And these—the people that do the job are just as legit and just as combat-oriented as anyone else. And I’m not like their official spokesperson. In fact, I’m probably the most hated person in the entire community right now.
Well, there is noting in the interview that would support this fellow contention, in fact he comes across as a Nintendo killer.  Further, she gives him a pass on his claims to constitutional justification for his participation in over 1600 kills.

The take-away is the war is legal and just and he is the victim.  We need a Pacifica Radio for that?

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