Thursday, February 13, 2014

Game On

I've diagrammed a feedback loop in confronting physical aggression, to help me explain certain thinking.  "Game on" refers to the attitude of experiencing any threat as "game on" just as in practice.

Aikido is a martial art, but it is not terribly interested in "winning."  As long as there is an attack coming, the game is on.  When it stops, the game ends.  Reason the game ends:

1. The attacker is satisfied, and stops.

   a. He is uninterested in resistance.

   b. He is pinned and cannot move.

   c. He is unconscious or dead, inadvertently (it was his energy with which he attacked.)

   d. Other.

2.  You are unconscious or dead.

Could happen of course, and if so, well, your number was up.

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