Wednesday, February 5, 2014


It seems innocent enough, let's vote people into power to handle certain problem for us.

But power is always abused:

1. Giving a person power does not automatically turn him into an angel.

a. People necessarily take care of themselves first.

b. Any policy necessarily has winners and losers.

c. We hate those we harm, the losers in the policy decision.

When "family law" emerged in the 1980s and the opportunity to gain an advantage in a divorce by one spouse accusing the other of "child abuse" rather mundane divorces turned into blood sports.

If such a charge gained credibility, the spouse making the charge was transformed in monstrous ways by the lie.  Having harmed the victim, the liar became hateful and a downward spiral took place.  We can see many cases of this, and it is archetypal.    (And we see the perpetrator is as much a victim as the target.)  Perfectly reasonable people are malformed by the exercise of a terrible power (and made possible only by the venue.)

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