Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kashiwaya In Seattle

This is circa 1973 or 1974, 306 South Main in Seattle, a bowling alley converted into a dojo... C T Takahashi Building.

Kashiwaya Sensei was a newly arrived sandan, to join Hirata Sensei and Lau Sensei in building that aikido nation in Seattle...  Kashiwaya sensei ran the childrens class and I was his assistant instructor.

At 56 seconds, Kashiwaya sensei performs ushiro tori kokyu nage, one of the eight basics, for which there is no other video available as far as I know.  It is not taught anymore anywhere (except by me) as far as I know, and I suspect because it is an extremely difficult throw to get right.

I like it because aikido came from kendo, and to get ushiro tori kokyu nage, the move is exactly the same as is necessary to get the first move taught in kendo right, the sho men cut.

The main uke in this is a fellow named Glenn Olson... man those were the days...

Kashiwaya sensei is still at it...

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