Saturday, February 14, 2015

More Misogi

Swimming today, something was wrong.  I swam, enjoyed it much.  Stayed on the dock and went in for a second dip, nothing unusual there.  But then, it was no big deal.  52 degrees weather. So I went in for a 3rd dip.  Swam out to the raft, hanged out there for a few minutes, dove in off the raft, tried to go as long underwater as possible, came up, australian crawl to the ladder, back up on the dock.  Something odd.

Just checked.  The lake has gone from 47 to 48 degrees.  It is warming back up.

There is so much to be experienced in bringing the cold of the lake, that struggle, to the bokto and jo kata.

The lake warming up is like hearing a good dojo is closing down. Pray for a cold snap.

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