Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rules of Aikido

Aikido is unique inasmuch as there are no rules in the techniques themselves.  Everything is aikido, as opposed to all other arts, even MMA, which has some rules too.

Four principles:

  • Keep One Point
  • Relax Completely
  • Keep Weight Underside
  • Extend Ki

  • I read an interesting comment:  How come in every aikido video, the uke melts away, never offers a counter to nage?

    Well, the reason you see so many 60 year old aikidoka is uke melts away when he knows he has been had.  Taking a hard fall or rolling put of the twist is to avoid the sprain or break of further resistance.

    Also, uke is training to roll out, escape damage, and nage knows well when uke rolled even though nage did not throw uke.  Nage screwed up.  But at that point, the art is a different throw, from dynamic to static.  Uke will roll out of a poor execution of a defense against an dynamic attack so nage can have another chance to practice and get it right.  Reps matter.

    There is ran dori, where counters are legit, and those can be very interesting, and they do show uke resisting, but it can also look quite awkward (and rather real)...  people don't want to commit such real expression to film record, methinks.  Maybe I will...

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