Saturday, May 4, 2013

Best Way to Get Out is to Not Go In

Here a pregnant mother of four is to be sent to prison for trying to change jobs.

She fled to Canada, and was sent back.

Private First Class Kimberly Rivera — a conscientious objector and pregnant mother of four — has just been sentenced to military prison for refusing to serve in the Iraq War. Rivera was on a two-week leave in December 2006 when she decided she would not return to Iraq for a second tour of duty. She and her family fled to Canada in February 2007, living there until their deportation back to the United States last year. On Monday, a military court sentenced her to 10 months behind bars. Her fifth child is due in December. 

Keep that in mind, those who think they have an out.    I am not real sympathetic to people who join then quit, because the information before joining is exactly the same after joining.  I think all too often people think "freebies" and getting deployed in harms way is a long shot.  Then when they lose that bet, they want to skip out.

Ten months to think about it may not be too long.  Her life and kids will be better off as a convict with no benefits.

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