Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Being self-employed I don't pay too much attention to state holidays anyway, but it has been brought to my attention that Memorial Day is in recognition of those soldiers who died in USA's wars.  Doubly uninteresting to a conscientious objector.  Labor Day is a better fit for me.

Now that is not to say soldiers are something to be disdained, for it isn't the hand you are dealt, it is how you play the cards.  And if someone decides the cards are best played by joining up, then we should not judge others as to how they play their cards.

But it is a bit much to ask everyone else to celebrate how a certain group played their cards.  But then I can remember real warriors, like Carmelite nuns or some such.  Now there is a tough crew maintaining the peace.

But USA was never designed to have a standing army.  But we do now, with life-long politicians in uniform, who pay for public relations to keep them and their wars going.  And behave in a manner that would disgrace Bill Clinton.

Ten years into a war where we invaded Afghanistan because some Saudis attacked USA (counterattacked according to the CIA) our military made countless new enemies there when it killed these ten kids in April 2013.

Afghanistan Air Strike Kills Children

Naw, I cannot celebrate USA military.  I value my rights and freedom too much, which we lose when we take it from others by force.

Of course, since I benefit from imperialism, my children are no more safe than these kids.  Funny thing, people expect that God's patience is approval.   Good luck with that.

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