Sunday, May 26, 2013

Take Time For Mastication

It's an unfortunate word for an important topic, it means to chew.  Our regime has not purged itself of its original sin of violence and racism, and so it is host to implacable elements who advance a pernicious agenda against "the weak."  A front line in this war on people is waged with food.

Chinese people ask me how come people in USA are so fat?  Indeed, for the first time in history poor people are overweight.  How did that happen?

Well, various elements during the Johnson administration fed off each other to create an astonishing edifice.  First I'll describe that, then on to a solution.

First came treats that delighted hungry people: made from subsidized corn, subsidized sugar, subsidized corn oil and subsidized sodium (from mines), various companies put out things like Frito's and Lay's Potato chips.  Those became one company.  Next came Doritos, for the South of the Border set. What happens with these foods is satisfaction is instantaneous, and it is so processed it needs no chewing. It can be wolfed down.

Now, without chewing to bring out the nutrients (which may be desultory anyway given the ingredients) the chemical connection between the mouth and stomach does not occur, so even more must be eaten more often to satisfy actual hunger.  Supersize me.  Happily such foods are very cheap to make, but such quantities do tend to require more money over time.

So food stamps were expanded to include these foods.  And recently usability of food stamps, or the EBT card, were expanded to include meals bought at Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc.  The exploding welfare state needed to be computerized to handle all of these transactions, and Texan Ross Perot became a billionaire after leaving IBM by computerizing first Texas welfare, then going nationwide with EDS.

Coca Cola and Pepsi were designed to wash this stuff down, and its ingredients are rather dreadful as well.  One advantage is no one ever got dysentery from soda pop, which keeps the victims alive to collect and distribute taxpayer funding back to the food-factories.

The national freeway system served to enable these centralized food processors to cheaply invade local communities and wipe out the local treats, usually healthy and ethnic, accelerating the downward spiral.

This process providing funds for what passes for foods and directing the proceeds to an ever consolidating group of food factories has worked so well that drug cartels got in on the act.  Any narc will tell you, like WalMart, the busiest time for business is 12:01 am the day the EBT cards are refilled with welfare money.

Like frankenfoods, crack was designed not to kill the users.  It is cheap and plentiful so anyone can get it, but it does not kill, so whether you are a billionaire or on welfare, it takes it all but does not kill you.  Why kill the money source?

Any State treasurer will tell you funds collected from money laundering of drug proceeds is a critical part of the State budget.  (The feds are crushing California pot clubs because Cal doesn't tax medical marijuana.  Washington State and Colorado get a pass because they do tax it.)  Asset forfeiture is an important component in law enforcement funding.  The illegal drug regime is a critical part of funding our government.

And the wonderful thing about genocide by frankenfoods is as opposed to gas chambers,  the victim sure looks blameworthy.  What to make of a dead, fat poor person?  Or a dead crackhead?  Clearly, each killed himself. Right?  And we can hardly have sympathy for live ones either.

Yes, the world can be a wicked place, and that is good to know.  So how do we conscientiously register our objections to genocide?  By chewing.  And encouraging the targets of genocide to chew.

Say what?  What few people understand is those fast frankenfoods are so devoid of any nutrients and good food value that after a few chews there is no longer any flavor.  This encourages one to swallow and take another bite of that which ails you.  Chew a minimum 20 times (40 is about right for a mouthful) and by 5 or 6 one realizes they are getting nothing from the edible mass they are consuming. What cost "only" $1.99 becomes a chore to chew.

At the same time, a $12.00 free range chicken, if chewed properly, can make for a half-dozen meals, and all over far healthier.

We can overthrow this entire bad food regime and defeat its racist inspiration by encouraging each other to chew our foods, and explain the benefits.

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