Friday, April 11, 2014

Child Sacrifice

Child sacrifice is the execution of children by parents on the belief that "sacrifice" (just who does the dying?) will make life better for the people doing the killing.

The Bible goes through elaborate lessons on why this is forbidden, and eventually all partakers get wiped off the face of the earth.

That does not stop right-wing Christians, with neocon encouragement, from sacrificing their children to secure goods only God can provide: peace, security, justice, freedom.

The right wing Christians even say "thank you for your service" and blasphemously "if you have freedom, thank a veteran."  No, I thank God, and God.

If people putatively Christian want to blaspheme and claim their child-sacrifice benefits me, I have to say no, I disagree.  As long as they do not require I join them in their pagan right, all I can say is I am sorry you do not trust God.

I also complain their child-sacrifice spills over to others who do not share their blasphemy.

I think the preacher man should spend more time on this topic.

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