Monday, April 21, 2014

Why Soldiers Kill Themselves

Did you know when the USA was formed, there was expectation there would be no standing army?

Did you know general officers must be nominated and approved by congress.  They are precisely political appointees?

When we have a "professional" military, we really have another welfare program for millions of people who would otherwise be productive in the free market.  A welfare program in which the Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff is the same rank and purpose as Kate Sibelius over at the Health and Human Services.

Now about 40% of Americans will tell you HHS is far more important than War, and another 40% will tell you War is far more important than HHS, the scholarships v battleships debate.  A false dilemma since we need neither as government-provisioned, since we can have both without the waste, fraud and abuse of democracy.

To maintain the "professional army" contrary to the design of our country, young people are encouraged to "join the fight for freedom" as if someone, somewhere, has the slightest interest in harming USA freedom.  Defend their countries against USA aggression, yes.  Curtail freedom in USA, no.

What happens is these people are sent out on missions in which they quickly realise the injustice of their work.  Decent people finding out they signed up for indecent work.

Suicide is at one end of a progression.  They are countless more people who are merely miserable, to some degree, depending on the degree they experienced the dissonance between promise and reality.

Bring the troops home, end the standing military.

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