Friday, April 25, 2014


There were loaded guns around the house I grew up in, readily accessible but somewhat hidden.  If I had to come out blasting after hiding in a closet, well no problem, big surprise for a bad guy.

I knew the book on the shelf hollowed out with a 38 Police Special inside.  I shot enough guns in my youth with the family in the mountains to have no problem opening the book, taking the safety off and blasting away.

Not all of us get called to conscientious objection, and I have no complaint about those who in "invincible ignorance" have no problem killing others who present a threat.  I believe those with invincible ignorance are what is necessary and sufficient to keep the rest of us safe from the bad guys.

I am not talking about me being a "free rider", I am talking about the natural disposition is distribution of people.  Crows clean up crap from streets.  That does not make me a "free rider."

"How come you killed that guy?"

"He needed killing.  He killed this other guy.  He was talking killing some more."

"But you know the rule is "thou shalt not kill.""

"That's right."

"But you emptied your Glock into his head!"

"He needed killing.  He killed this other guy.  He was talking killing some more."

That is invincible ignorance.

Speaking of Glock, they have an ad campaign.

You can check out their Oscar-quality vignettes.  I am all for anyone who wants a gun to have one, and no one else needs to know.  It keeps us all safe when no one, especially cops, knows who is armed.  I like that Glock is advertising guns in the context of training.  Good on Glock!  No one should carry a  gun who is not trained.

But my problem here is twofold - "confidence to live your life?"  That is projecting way too much benefit on a gun, and presumes a Glock is necessary and sufficient to "love your life."

The other is the ads smolder with manly man manliness.  I would not be surprised if the director of these films usually films gay porn, because he has sure hit the spot on man as sex object.  A gun does not make you a man.  Again, Glock goes to far.

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