Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Standing Military

Angela Jolie wants to make war less horrible.
"I was 14 and living with my grandmother when the war began," she says.
"I was captured and spent three years in a prison camp, where we were forced to do manual labour. Later, I was separated from the rest of the prisoners along with three other women and taken to a house.
"The soldiers would drink. We would have to serve them like slaves and they would rape us."
The radio version goes on to say they had knocked her teeth out too, and to this day she never had the money to get that fixed.  What a way to spend you teen years.  USA had a lot to do with what happened there.

Could it happen in USA?  Well, the USA military is already shot through with sexual abuse and criminality, which top people routinely escape any sanction.

The sentence was handed down days after Sinclair pleaded guilty to adultery and mistreating one of his accusers in a deal that saw the sexual assault and sodomy charges against him dropped, according to Sinclair's defense team.He had previously pleaded guilty to other charges in the court-martial, including committing adultery, engaging in inappropriate relationships with three women, conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman, and obstruction of justice.

Do you suppose he just had a bad day and made some mistakes, or was this a career long pattern?
A recent Pentagon report showed that there were estimated to be 26,000 incidents of sexual assault and unwanted sexual contact in 2012, and just over 10% of those were reported.
And this, from a case challenging soldiers disappearing citizens...
“The brief argues that the government reserves the right to use the military to detain and indefinitely hold journalists under this law, although the 2nd Circuit stated that the law did not apply to U.S. citizens,” Mayer told me Sunday. “We have already seen journalists such as [you] and Laura Poitras detained and denied access to a lawyer and due process. This law will make legal any such detentions. It will permit the military, on American soil, to throw journalists and activists in a military prison without trial or due process.”
 So if you disappear into a sex slave camp, hope it is not run by the USA military, where officers victimize their own troops.  Guess what would happen to you. You'll be lucky of it is only three years.

The USA was designed to have no standing military.  People had jobs and were otherwise productive.  We are not safe as long as we have a standing military.

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