Thursday, March 12, 2015

Aikido and Self-employment

If you want to advance in aikido, it takes a lot of training, time on the mats, being thrown down, and getting up.  And throwing down...

This takes time and opportunity.  Being self-employed (or more accurately, customer-employed) allows you to order your time to optimal training.

A paycheck is nice, but if you work at something you love, then the paycheck is not a priority, self-employment is about lifestyle, not personal wealth (although wealth is far more likely among the self-employed.)

What work ought you do?  You've heard that to be self-employed you need passion.  This is true, but it is only one-half the equation.  Passion means "to suffer."  There is no other meaning.  the winning combination in work is to experience suffering in something you love to do, like anything at all, and then work on a solution to the problem that causes you to suffer.  If, and here is the winning part people leave out, you find JOY while working on the solution to the problem that causes you to suffer, then you have the winning combination, passion and joy at the same time, as your lifestyle.

Happiness depends on family, and it can come and go.  But you are in charge of joy, but it cannot be had directly, you must find it by passing through passion, suffering.  Now you know why so few people get to the joyful, self-actualized life.

You have already experienced this.  You wanted some defense, some martial art, but not a violent one. There was your passion, and working on it, twisting, falling, rolling, etc, hurt.  But to make progress was joy, and you keep coming back.

So, now.  What else causes you to suffer (passion) that you find joy working on?  And people will pay you to share you efforts?

Get self (customer) employed.  There is not a single one of us not meant to be thus.  Or stated positively, we are all meant to be self-employed.

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