Thursday, March 19, 2015


Let's see...

There is -

A marine sniper killed a dozen or so from the University of Texas tower.  A marine (official version) sniper murdered JFK.  In an open court of law a jury found on evidence that active duty US Army snipers were involved in a conspiracy in the murder of Martin Luther King.

In USA, we are told snipers keep us free.  How do snipers murdering leaders keep us free?  Who has effected more freedom?  Snipers or Martin Luther King?  Haven't American snipers killed more politicians than "bad guys?"  (Others like Vernon Jordan got shot, but survived).  We ought to count up the score, test the claims.

Why are there four USA celebration sites, and only one site, and this one maintained by the most odious white supremacists?

What is the psychological make-up of people drawn to the work as sniper?

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