Monday, March 30, 2015

American Soldiers and Gulf War Poison Gas

In the first gulf war, when the United States attacked Iraq after Iraq got an "all clear" to invade from US Ambassador April Glaspie for Kuwait stealing Iraqi oil, the USA decided to destroy the poison gas stockpiles we sold to Saddam plus the factories to make more.  Our military did a lousy job of it.
Patrick Eddington, a CIA analyst from 1994 to 1995 who wrote Gassed in the Gulf, resigned when superiors aborted his attempts to reveal the facts. He explained that, “If you’re DOD, you’re admitting your policies contributed to the veterans’ illnesses. If you’re the VA, you’re admitting you don’t know how to treat the vets. If you’re the CIA, you blew another estimate and that’s not something you want on your resume.”
And the Second Gulf War, more of the same.

The reason this goes on and on is we never prosecute military wrongdoing and crimes.  And never will, so let's try something else.  Instead of jail time for crimes, how about just truth commissions, where we have say exile (to Iraq?) for anyone who withholds evidence of wrong doing.

I have no doubt if American citizens were ever to be apprised accurately of the facts, they would do the right thing.  We have rather back-handed proof of that... at the time of the crimes, the powers that be which control the media make sure the facts do not come out.

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