Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fomenting Class Warfare

The USA is a capitalist economy, which means debt (accumulation of credit) is paramount.  By this powerful mechanism, winners and losers in the economic game can be centrally planned.  Among those picked and dissed, there is a conflict, a class warfare.

If you are amassing exceptional wealth in the USA, you are smart enough to know that you were picked to be a winner, and you are in essence a welfare queen, getting direct subsidies and having rules to stymie your competition.  Your natural enemy is anyone else who is also a welfare queen, for they are tapping into the same limited pool as you are.

The 1%, and down to the 47% elite who live off taxpayers, live in dread of the other 47% who live off taxpayers.  There is only so much free stuff the productive six per cent can afford.  The fight is existential.

So in this video, there are two victims.  The murdered African homeless man, and the African-american cop who apparently did the shooting.  We don't need welfare and class warfare.  And it is doubly cruel to get the Afro-american to kill the African.

Warning: bad language.

Also, note, a few minutes in, on the stanchion, is a notice stating "Jesus Saves."  Just so.

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