Sunday, February 19, 2012

Better Than Spielberg

Here is a movie made right after WWII, focussing on the rapid, opportunistic espionage advanced by the USA forces.  The movie is extremely well made, although I've need heard of anyone listed as involved int he creation.  Since the movie starts and ends with a tribute to spies, and deals with, among other things, loyalties, I suspect it was a CIA creation.  If so, good work, boys.

Conversations in the movie get to loyalties and motivations, always an interesting topic.

The "production values" are superior to Saving Private Ryan since the producers had the actual bombed out buildings in German cities and plenty of real tanks and trucks and countless extras who were actually there and knew what it was like.

Probably unintended is how the movie shows the very people who ruined Germany, the security services, were active until the very end, and still shooting and hanging up to the last minute.  Both sides had officers willing to sacrifice people because it was necessary in war. Something to keep in mind as we create more and more security services in USA.

I don't want to be a spoiler, but there is a tension in the movie that is superbly delivered.  I spent the time watching the movie experiencing this tension, which no doubt well suggests the tension spies experience.  Youtube, 1.5 hours, enjoy.

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