Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ProWar Catholics

Christopher Manion does a splendid job putting the Bishops' pickle in perspective over at Crisis magazine. I even say so in the comments, and then noted the pass prowar Catholics get... which in turn brought an instant troll response, see here:

    • Absolutely splendid... but they will divide and conquer us over war... the church is clear, although heretofore ineffective, on abortion, but gives politicians a complete pass on war.  The argument is abortion is always wrong, and war is a matter of prudential judgment.  Catholics at the social justice picnic went from the tendentious prudential judgment abortion (indirect, non-intended death of a child to save a mother) to total license.  So it is with pro-war Catholics: from tendentious prudential judgment exceptions to total license.  Until his Bishop denies Santorum communion, the battle will not be engaged.  (And note, Santorum does vote for taxpayer funding of abortifacients, but being prowar, he gets a pass.)  Bernardin had it right, and he also had the fight.  Unless we confess all of our sins, we'll lose.
    • Carl
      Your post is so absurd. 

      Then our US Constitution is "prowar" too.
      *  Article I Section eight gives the power to Congress to declare and fund wars
      *  Article II Section two gives the President the title of Commander and Chief

      *  abortion is  non-negotiable
      *  The  Church respects the right of the state to declare war---self defense
    • Carl
      Really, and Iran has no history of being provocatively hostile to the US and it's  neighbors?
      *   It hasn't called for the destruction of Israel
      *   Nuclear Energy for consumer use is their only purpose? LOL
      *   What about the Nuclear arms race?  It's OK, for Arabs?
    • john

      You could not have done a better job of illustrating exactly what I am saying.


How the war powers clause in the US Constitution relates to Catholic moral teaching is hard to perceive, but what is certainly clear is, whatever Iran's sins may be, under no circumstances is one ever allowed to do evil in response to evil.

So Let's look at Santorum in his own words...

"From a governmental point of view, I vote for contraception."  He repeats his support of abortifacients, in violation of church moral teaching, in which he is automatically excommunicated.  Santorum knows the church teaching on abortifacients, and he has voted for billions on this.  So far Santorum gets a pass, along with the liberals, on this point.

So let's go to Santorum on war -

He repeats his support of murder, in violation of church moral teaching, in which he is automatically excommunicated.  He hides behind tendentious arguments, just as pro-abortion people do.   But note here, what the Chairman of the joints chiefs of staff, among others, has to say about the Iran "threat."

Wow.  There is no threat.  But people have been conditioned to believe otherwise, and politicians come along and position themselves to feed off ignorance and selfishness.  The people in Pennsylvania got to know Santorum and overwhelmingly rejected him.  His Bishop ought to get to know him.

If the Bishops are going to clean house, then they ought to take care of this other mess at the same time.

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