Thursday, February 2, 2012

War, Spies and Cultural Understandings

Here is episode 7 of a 12 part series on Soviet TV from 1973 telling a story of a top Soviet Agent working in Hitler's secret service. being Russian, and 1973, it is black and white and in Russian, but it has English subtitles.  The entire thing is fascinating, but episode 7 is particularly good as people argue politics, right and wrong, from various viewpoints.  The Soviet view of USA is especially good, and the perfidy of USA CIA, the story of which must be classified in USA but not in Russia, is very uninteresting, but not surprising, if true. Even Switzerland neutrality figures in.

One aspect is just how much harm is done by so many competing factions, especially as they get closer to losing.  A cornered dog, and all that.  It's a little over an hour, but worth the4 viewing.  This was put out by the Russian Communist party in 1973, which gives you a good sense of their view of the world at that time.  I was visiting Soviet ships visiting Seattle circa 71, 72, 73... and this seems more liberal than I recall...  but them the sailors were surprisingly liberal, in any case not as USA media portrayed them.  Of course.

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