Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meet My Daughter, Razia

Mahatma Gandhi had a nice teaching: treat every female as a sister, a daughter or a mother, depending on her age, except for your wife, who is unique among all women.  That rather clarifies relationships.

So this girl is my daughter.  I've never met her, but my tax dollars paid for the phosphorus rocket that entered her house as part of the USA-led criminal invasion of Afghanistan, for oil.

Phosphorus will not quit burning, so once it was on her, the burning continued all the way to the her bones, and all the way to the hospital.

Naturally, those who fired the weapon are not about to take responsibility.

A U.S. military spokeswoman with NATO's security force said military officials can't be certain whether it was their own round or an enemy round that hit Razia's house.
"Either scenario is possible, and equally regrettable," Maj. Jennifer Willis said. "One thing is certain: Razia will have the best care that we can give her."

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,528504,00.html#ixzz1mNaStdtf

Guess which side has phosphorus rockets, and which side does not...  And note there is no reflection on the question as to why we are in Afghanistan.  But gee, isn't this girl lucky to have USA on her side?

We are in Afghanistan so women can go to school and, ummm.. a, for the children.  That's it.  And oil.  We could just buy the oil, but then there would be no conflict, and with no conflict there is no command, and no command there is no army, etc...

Because this man's daughter is not safe, mine are not safe.  As the American bishops teach us their role is  to advance the democratic party agenda, they fail to notice the two Catholic candidates are calling for war, more war, in violation of church moral teaching.

I doubt God-became-man, was betrayed, crucified, died and was buried, and rose again so we could have single-payer health care.  I think He died because there are people in the world who set little girls on fire and then call themselves good.  I think He died to give an example of how to live and what is good. He clearly said no to all of this war. In His case, He did care about the children.  And the adults.

I was in Vietnam in 2010, where I met many daughters, although I'd never been there before.  My government drafted me to go, but I declined on conscientious objection grounds.  Daughters were not safe when the USA military was in Vietnam.  In 2010, with no USA military, daughters were safe.

In 1 Samuel 8, God tells the Israelites if they demand to have a king, their daughters will not be safe.  They reject God's advice, and things go bad.  God advises no-king (an-archy) and the Israelites reject it.

That may be the first recorded instance, but it is a common event in history.

So meet my eight year old daughter Razia.  She was not safe. That's me, her father taking care of her after he could not stop a US-delivered phosphorus rocket came into her home.  I have many daughters in Afghanistan, although I've never been there myself.  They are not safe either.  And as long as these daughters are not safe, mine are not safe either.  Psalm 146, put not your trust in princes...

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