Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Limits of Evil

This is a remarkable document, wherein leading Americans push the idea of "America good, Communists bad."  While this may have been plausible, if believable, when the document was made, what is remarkable that from point to point this could be a critique of the USA.  The on-air personalities extol freedom, but each is smoking a cigarette (social conditioning).  They claim communists kill unliked leaders (just after showing Kennedy) which in this era of "We came We saw He died" might be a bit much.  They condemn election fraud.  Sheesh!

Their definition of what is bad about communism sounds spot on regarding the current American project.  this is a useful watch.

Why has USA changed so much?  Pope John Paul II wrote a book that might relate to this a while back, called Memory and Identity.  For a man who saw both Nazism and Communism, and worked under both, resisted under both, he has plenty to say.  The limits of evil are the good.  And what is good?  This Pope was no friend to tyrants, although tyrants strain to call him friend.

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