Friday, January 4, 2013

Anarchy and Government

Our right to form a government is an negative right, allowed only in disobedience to God.  Obey comes from obedere, to listen.  We have governments only because we refuse to listen to God.  See 1 Samuel 8.

Now the Israelites is the first recorded instance of people demanding a king to "fight their battles for them" and the most recent election is the last recorded instance.

Anarchy means an+ archy = no+ king.  It is a positive term in the sense it comports with God's desire, but the state with its minions gave the word an erroneous sense and imbued it with negativity.  When people think of anarchy, they think bomb + thrower.

Now anarchy does not mean no + government.  From God's point of view, no king = trust God, according to the Bible.

We have plenty of government without the state.  We have rules which govern relationships between friends, skiiing, chess, business which have no relation to the state.  In fact almost all of our human interactions are governed by the spontaneous order out of anarchy.

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