Saturday, January 12, 2013

Conscientious Objection to Big Pharma

If this psychiatrist is correct and accurate, then many cases of suicide are not suicide at all, but homicide. If drug companies hid relevant data, then those ordering the hiding are guilty of murder, and those following orders are accessories to murder.

 If it is too terrible to contemplate, people will not contemplate it.  That drug companies would hurt their customers is illogical and unthinkable.  But if the drug companies were working under a worldview that decided that the week (those given to sadness) are subhuman and need to be eliminated, or at least can be used for human drug experiments, then what we in fact have makes sense.  And if we understand it, we can move against the activity.  Then it is not too terrible to contemplate, because it can be stopped.

Scientistic racism is alive and well in USA, as is eugenics.  Nobody was punished for the Tuskegee Experiments.  No one will be punished for what is going on, when it is exposed.  That is why it continues.

Drug companies are huge and powerful by political means, not by markets.  We can start by withdrawing welfare for big Pharma.

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