Friday, January 25, 2013

Tohei Sensei and 4 Principles

There are the four principles of Aikido practice that were drilled in to us back in the day, before Tohei Sensei formed shin-shin toitsu aikido (ki-aikido).

  1. Keep One Point
  2. Relax Completely
  3. Keep weight underside
  4. Extend Ki

If you go to the site, they explain these in some detail, and one explanation is surprising to me.

1. Do not feel the lower abdomen

I was taught to tighten the lower abdomen with the view of physically experiencing where this "one point" was, variously described tangibly as 3 inched below the belly button or ones center of gravity, although lower in females for their different physical structure.

I've found it a great centering check in stressful situations, especially in crowds, the consciously tighten the lower abdomen to get centered.

Now maybe this can be clarified as it is ok as a check, but maintaining the check is an error, perhaps as a crutch or some thing.  To be sure, it is only to be a quick centering check, and once centering is obtained, the check is not be be maintained.  Perhaps it is like putting on the parking break to make sure the car is completely stopped, but you need to release it to move again.

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