Monday, January 21, 2013

Radical Answers to Extremists

The left and right are being played off each other, in a sort of divide and conquer effort.  An excellent example if the risible gun control debate, for which there is no debate, just insult flying past each other.  The left knows quite well every time they "come after guns" sales shoot up.  Every time some "gun law" is passed life gets worse in the inner cities.  Sometimes results reveal intentions.

When observing these follies, keep in mind the continuum:  no king (an+archy) to totalitarianism.

In all time and every place, we see the good, true and beautiful emerge where we are closer to anarchy.  With see men in uniforms destroying all as we emerge toward totalitarianism.   Two classic examples are Qin Shi Huang di whose 1000 year reign lasted but 12, and Shicklgruber's 1000 year reign with lasted 12.  

There is no rational limit on power once you acccept The King.  Both left and right, sadducee and pharisee, guelph and ghibelline, protestant and catholic, they all end in disaster.  

And there is no rational limit to the good the true and the beautiful when you accept no king.

The extremists are on the left and right, whose prescriptions defy reason and experience.  Their game is to present the false dilemma, either with us or against us.  Both say we are for good things and against bad things, if you are not with us, you are for bad things and against good things.  What side you take is largely a matter of aesthetics.

It is quite tedious.  Because we radicals know there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in their philosophy.

Or just ignored by their philosophy, for urges consequential to libido dominandi. (See here and here.)

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