Saturday, December 15, 2012

10,000 Five Year Olds

How come people shoot up schools?

Because gun control laws outlaw guns in schools.  Cowards don't want to face opposition.

What causes people to do something like this?

The common thread is the psychotropic drugs that were designed to get people to do things they normally would not.  Start there.

We need more gun control laws to stem this violence.

Gun controls laws take violence to enforce.  How does more violence create less violence?

Europe has strict gun control laws, and this does not happen there.

Yes it does. Norway. Australia. France.  Germany. Austria.  Finland. On and on.  Gun control laws don't matter. The common thread is the drugs designed to get people to do things they normally wouldn't.

We must do something!

Yes,  Did you see US troops are massing on the Syrian border?

Did you know our secretary of state said 500,000 dead Iraqi children, which must include at least 10,000 five year olds, was "worth it."

No one here wept for the 10,000 dead Iraqi five year olds.   We must do something.  End the wars that kill so many 5 year olds.

God's patience is ordered to our salvation.  If an when that patience ends, the 27 five year olds in USA might seem to be the lucky ones.

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