Friday, December 7, 2012

Tufts Caught In Secret Medical Experiments In China

The United States rules on Human Subjects allows the president to issue a secret order to use humans as subjects in secret medical experiments without their knowledge.  This is a crime against humanity, but par for the course for USA.  Nonetheless, such schools as Tufts do their research overseas where they can take advantage of unwitting school children to test out frankenfoods on kids.

Tufts made a mistake when they took a secret experiment to China.  What USA allows, even the Communist Party forbids:

Wang Yin, a section chief of ZAMS, was sacked by Zhejiang provincial health authority.
Yin and Wang were punished for failing to inform the school children and their parents of the fact that the rice was genetical-modified, and concealing the truth from relevant authorities and the school, according to the statement.

When the Federal Government was caught in the infamous Tuskegee Experiments, no one went to prison.  Emboldened, scientists made things worse now in USA.  Until people go to prison for this activity, like they do in China, it will continue.  We need scientists who are conscientious objectors. Feel Free To Email This To Three Friends.

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