Friday, December 14, 2012

Day Eight, After Fast

Health care starts in the GI tract, the gut, and as I fast I take a lot of acidophilus and drink probiotic kombucha, etc. Lots of liquids are necessary during a fast since all systems are still go, and they need irrigation to clean out the bad stuff.  Whizzing clear after day three or so is a good sign.

 Day seven I feel strong a revived, with the systems light and energetic.  I bought a couple of drinks at an AMPM minimart, popular electrolyte mineral enhanced designer waters.  I've had these many times and always enjoyed them  On day seven two sips of the first one and I am about to experience toxic shock.  So I put that back in the fridge, and tried the other.  Just as bad.

See, even though I eat organic and hippie and all that, as defined by the state, there is still so much nastiness in our food chain that we just adapt.  So when my system was running clean, it told me those designer waters were not for me.  Now I know.

So here I am on day eight, and as I start to eat, with some regret, a crab salad with oil and vinegar and a hard boiled egg, some pugliasi bread, and coffee, easy does it,  my system responds to the incoming nourishment and delivers all of the nutrients to my system.  I feel like I could kick King Kong's ass.

But at the same time, I am in control of my passions, and would instead sit and chat amiably with him should we meet.

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