Saturday, December 1, 2012

Conscientious Objection to Force and Fraud

It is widely believed Frank Olson was murdered, not suicided.  Olson was a conscientious objector to medical malfeasance. The case is strong enough that a lawsuit is being advanced.  But wait, murder is a capital offense, with no statute of limitations.  if the offense is murder, why is it being redressed by a lawsuit.  With murder, there is someone responsible.  If you merely "sue" the CIA, then the person responsible escapes.

The Aurora Colorodo movie theatre shooter claims he was brainwashed into doing the killing.  This is the kind of work Olson was doing when he was killed.

We do not want to hear about our government engaging in such acts.  But our president can overrule the "human subjects" laws in the USA, and any group can be secretly targeted for medical experimentation today, just as people of some African heritage were targeted in the Tuskegee experiments, which ended in the 1970s.  There again, there was no conscientious objection to criminal activity by government officers, there was no criminal prosecution for crimes committed, so it continues.

Conscientious objection is not limited to war, it extends to any unjust force or fraud.  We need doctors who object to force and fraud in medicine.

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