Thursday, December 6, 2012

Resistance And Heroes

The good brother Peter Hitchens writes:

Well, some Germans certainly had done such things and worse (though we let most of them off as we needed them to run the country after the defeat of Hitler) , but most of the victims of these incidents were women and children, and some of the others were (for instance) Czech German Social Democrats who had themselves resisted the Nazis. This was a racial purge, combined with a colossal mass theft of property, money , houses and land (those refuges who survived could take almost nothing with them), horribly comparable to German National Socialist Actions. Anyone who (rightly) condemns the German National Socialists as barbarian murderers cannot really, in all conscience, fail to condemn the authors of these actions too. (this point is addressed later)

"who had themselves resisted the Nazis."  Here is the problem: when there is a change of powers that be through, the new powers that be will be no better, likely worse.  And those who resisted the last regime, will certainly resist the next.  The next regime takes its time about taking over, letting the last regime kill off any resistance.  Thus, when they win, they meet little resistance.

The Poles were encouraged to uprise against the nazis, which they did, were denied the promised help, and up-risers were wiped out by the nazis.  These stories go on and on.

This is not unique to any time or place.  Claudius executed the people who assassinated Caligula, and Elizabeth executed those who plotted against Mary, for the express reason that if the plotters would conspire against a ruler they did not like, then they would if and when they did not like Elizabeth.  Off with their heads!

A legacy of our Judeo-Christian origins is we have kings.  We demand kings so they fight our battles for us, in spite of the details God warned us about before he granted the request.  The world can be a wicked place, and that is good to know.  Since kings were created by God, then only by appealing to God can man be free of the oppression of kings.  Violence only gives the next king more power.

Never resort to violence.

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