Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Aikido - The Original Modern MMA

When the founder of aikido was a fourth degree black belt in kendo, he decided to blend all his training in sumo, aikijutsu, judo into a mixed martial art, with a rather spiritual dimension.  Glad he did...  When Bernie Lau promoted me to fourth degree, it was so I could start my own style, like Bernie did, and his patron, O Sensei.  Glad I didn't.

But that kendo root is important.  In yesterdays post I talked about not leaning back...  well, to keep the right position in irimi and tenkan moves, kendo has specific instructions.  Hold the sword above your head, with your pelvis thrust forward, yet standing relatively straight...  as though you are in the shower and trying to fill your belly button with water.  (You cannot fill your belly button with water standing in the shower, but the attempt gives you an idea of where your pelvis should be.)

Moving through aikido moves with your body in kendo position improves performance remarkably.  And that is the point of mixing martial arts, to improve things.

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