Friday, January 23, 2015

Joe Thambu Shihan

Looks like the best working aikidoka out there…

I've never met Thambu, but we started within the same year, and back then we practiced with yoshinkan style aikidoists in Seattle, and the techniques were exactly the same.  The Yoshinkan had a bit more formality and worked on the precision of their moves, where Tohei Sensei, the chief instructor for O Sensei, was more jazzy about execution and empahsized principles.

I'll tell you why Thambu Shihan is the best working aikidoist out there, he actually practices.  Show me a shihan than spends this much time hands on and being thrown himself.  People who have been teaching for 20 years stopped practicing 20 years ago.  Thambu clearly has kept practicing.

Nothing wrong in retiring from practice and concentrate on coaching and running a dojo, I am glad people do it.  But Thambu shows what you get when you keep practicing.

Warms my heart, great stuff.  You see in some videos very good aikido but very much choreographed.  It is clear to me here ukes are feeling the pain and so compelled to move naturally.

Someone asked how come aikido people fold as soon as the technique is applied.  We fold so we can fall and get up and practice again.  If we resisted (countered) nage will counter-counter and the race is on for someone to throw someone.  This is legit, but people do get hurt as the energy and innovation escalates.

And aikido has no rules that limit harm like wrestling, MMA, judo, karate and boxing have.  We have principles, and thou shalt not kill, but far more options.  That aikido roll itself, unique to aikido, is a powerful weapon (and underutilized in aikido for it).

So when is Thambu Shihan coming to USA?

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