Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Paris Murders


In the Jewish history of the crusades, the Jewish chroniclers point out that on the way to Palestine, the Christians settled scores with the Jews in their path for lampooning the Christ.  It's what religious people do.  It is not a good idea to piss off people about their religion for fun and money.

In any event, why do we allow three murderers to define a religion?  Does not giving 3 out of 1.5 billion people the power to make a definition rather invite their efforts?

And what goes around comes around... if this is not a false flag event, it certainly is an example of western training and equipment... what goes around comes around.  Of course the murderers spoke perfect French, how else would they master Western killing techniques and equipment?

And with total information awareness, we are all getting searched every airplane ride, every single email, letter posted and phone call and step on the street recorded, these guys were never detected?  Or is this another pack of dogs that slipped the leash...?

No one deserves to be shot down like that, but when the West eliminated all of the moderates in their quest for hegemony, what's left is the hard guys.  

And recall, the jihadists insisted the beheaded "journalists" were spies, and their backgrounds are appropriately vague, and we just launched a major movie in which journalists are recruited by the CIA to blow the head off of world leader, and do so.  A comedy.  hahaha... 

If and when media is no longer controlled so as to only state-approved material percolates to the to publication, "journalists" will be state actors and perceived targets.  Do you think a magazine poking fun at religion was subscription and advertising based finance?

Rush Limbaugh quite innocently asserts no one ever tells him what to say. The reason his career advanced is no one ever has to... of all the people in radio, he says exactly what the hegemon wants heard, so his shows gets all the of Go Army ads and other public service, big biz, etc sponsors that 600 radio stations badly need to stay afloat.

To claim to prefer to die standing rather than live kneeling is rather precious when your work is subsidized by the state.  But keep in mind your heroics gets a wounded cop executed on the pavement.

And God help all those who love to view the snuff films the internet players post to corrupt us all...

The middle east wars are for the middle east to sort out.  USA soldiers need to come home and get to work.  Hegemony isolates us, we need to end USA Isolationism and promote world peace and economic justice starting in USA, and be a beacon to the world, instead of a scourge.

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