Monday, January 5, 2015

Being Thrown Hard

The hardest I've ever hit the mats was being thrown by a judo man.  Ippon, no reservation, very much hurt.  I survived.  Mainly because back in the day we trained both aikido roll and hard fall, judo style.  Aikido fall/roll the legs are crossed, judo fall the legs are spread.  You don't know until you are in the air whether this will need a hard fall or a roll, better be able to adjust midair.

Since the top aikido people were all originally judomen, I took about six months of judo two times to work on koshinage and other techniques.  In Mel Augustine's dojo I once saw a guy thrown so hard he went into convulsions.  We were taught how to stop nosebleeds and re-descend testicles in aikido, as well as Japan style resuscitation, but in judo, they used them.

Aikido practice can be more action than judo, and back in the day occasionally we'd be so tired and thrown so hard we might black out but find ourselves standing because we automatically rolled out of it.  I remember thinking this is not good, to be blacked out and standing.  Also, sometimes you can judo/hard fall in a way you can stand up without rolling forward...  hard fall with enough forward momentum to just let yourself stand up from it.  One looks like a bouncing rag doll.

When practicing aikido as a martial art, game on, your opponent hits the ground hard.  Both uke and nage work to accomplish this, with uke making sure the nage has not leaned back to accomodate the presence of uke.  Uke's feet, even though stationary, should feel the tension in the surface of the feet on the mats increasing as nage is moving into position for the throw.  The nage is taking up slack while never accomodating, by any lean back, the uke's presence.  Uke knows the fall will be hard from the friction on the feet at launch, the acceleration from the necessarily smaller circle, bam!

Too often uke and nage conspire to make it dance, not even attractive dance, by leaning off balance on the part of nage and failure to counter the error by uke.

You learn more faster if practicing aikido as a martial art.

Misogi update:  yes, I went swimming new years day, and since then.  Odd, I began to regret the days are getting longer now, so that means the temperature drop will reverse at some point, and I'll lose the cold water swimming benefit.  Sure the Sound won't get higher than 55, but it won't go to 48 either...  sheesh... just when you are having fun....  also, I did not get the wet-suit gloves I wanted to counter the pain of the cold in my fingers, and for fear of chilblains...  but guess what?  Simply keep your fingers together while swimming and they keep each other warm enough...  diving in the cold water is like being thrown hard.

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