Sunday, January 25, 2015

Celebrating Snipers

From a Vietnam era sniper:
If you kill more than dozen people as a sniper and you aren’t guilty of murdering innocent civilians, I would be very surprised.  If you are insane enough to convince yourself, let’s say you are in Afghanistan or Iraq, countries where it is legal for any civilian to carry a weapon and no sane person would go outside without one, that shooting “armed Muslims” makes you a hero, you are both a liar and a fool.  You are probably also a psychopath.
I will not watch American Sniper, because I think snuff films are wrong.  The beheading snuff films I will not watch, but they are not anything special, USA forces have long beheaded to terrorize. The scene offered in the trailer, which cannot be avoided, has the spotter cautioning Kyle that if his target is not a legitimate kill, he'll go to Leavenworth, that is a federal prison for war criminals.  So the opening line of the movie is nonsense, name a single sniper ever convicted of an illegal kill.

Heck, not even the one who shot Martin Luther King was ever convicted.

The website I am quoting is a tad bit anti-Israel, as if Israel is the problem and not USA, but the comments sections had many other interesting comments, ringing true.  As a Catholic myself, it grieves me to see how the USMilitary is so permeated with Catholics, and I wonder to what effect? So this caught my eye:
Keith Farris ·  · Sacred Heart High SchoolI see a lot of people here calling us vets, murderers. When your 17-20 years old and in the military you don't think that way. You are conditioned to ask how high once your in the air. Yes I still thought for myself, but I took an oath to obey the orders given me by my nco's and officers. Also, as for fighting on the wrong side in Vietnam? Hogwash. Yes there was corruption and deceit in the south, but what about the cleansing when the north took power. If you were educated, you were either killed, or sent to reeducation camps. I'm not saying America is perfect, were not. But I'll take the U.S over any other country in the world. If some of you people think communism is so great, please, do me a favor and go there.
I presume he teaches at Sacred Heart High school.  Ungh.
Hey Keith,
When I was 17-20 I thought for myself and decided there was no legit war USA ever fought, and so Uncle Sam called me 1-O, when my lottery number was 23.  That the Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag gig and the goal was the oil under the spratly & paracels, that particular war was clearly very wrong.  Happily we had a draft, so pro-peace info was widespread.  Now we only have the poverty draft.
South Vietnam was not the wrong side in Vietnam, USA was the wrong side.  The war the USA escalated led to the cleansing of moderates in the North and the inevitable victory over the South and subsequent cleansing, like Iraq today.
The proof of USAUSAUSA hypocrisy is under those same communists USA is doing plenty of peaceful business.  They did not change, but then they did not have to, they won the war.  Why do I have to move?  Why shouldn't Cheney and Bush and Obama be required to move?
John Spiers 
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