Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Winter Swimming

Here in a river in Northern China:

I was swimming in 47 degree F water today.  I noticed that when I am swimming in the still lake, my strokes making noise and disturbing the surface, the eagles emerge form their nest to observe.  Eagles are actually just a buzzard, they eat dead things first.    They must think a feed is imminent.

Also, I am sticking with a 90 second swim, then out in the air, back in for 90 seconds, repeat... as I experiment at these temperatures.  Even though the water and air temperature is the same, water has an energy dimension denser than air...  and in the air (out of the water) the film of wet on me as I emerge is heated up by my body and becomes a warm blanket, relatively speaking.  I believe this allows me to warm up my skin, "catch-up" so to speak, before the next dip.  Not unlike the orchardists who fog their groves when a spring snap freeze threatens their trees.

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