Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Congressman Who Obeys the Law on War?

Note how Senator Sessions is very careful with the General, who now, because of the NDAA, can arrest Sessions and have him disappeared.  So Sessions works on Panetta.  Both Panetta and General Dempsey have sworn to uphold the constitution, and both are shredding it as they testify.

Our Generals are unworthy of our soldiers. They are political appointees. As an example of unworthy generals, here is an example of what concerns a top general, in this Case David Patraeus.  Read how he grovels at the feet of a junior reporter.

In a free country, we would not have a standing military, our founders expected us not to have one. In a free country, our generals would suit up from industry when a threat arose.  With a standing army, you get very strange people indeed.

See his many medals, maybe one of which relates to a war.  He was shot once, on a firing range by his own soldier, an accident.

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