Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tragedy... and words...

How come when a soldier kills a dozen or more people he is rogue and it is a tragedy?  Well of course he had no orders to do so, so he is rogue.

When he has orders to kill innocent people, he is not rogue.  When drones kill innocent people, it is not called a tragedy.  In this article, it is clear innocent people are killed, by USA forces, in a country not at war with us.  Near the Chinese border.

But what the rogue soldier did was murder.  Tragedy is not what happened.  Tragedy is when a hero had a fatal flaw and experiences a downfall.  People executed by a rogue soldier is not the downfall.  The person doing the murdering was a rogue, not experiencing a downfall in a heroic effort.

Invading a country of no threat to USA is no heroic action.

Our drones kill a dozen or so innocents with each hit.  We don't even bother to call it tragedy when orders are involved.  It is "collateral damage."

It is almost as though where once they had "collateral damage" from a sloppy targeted bomb, now that they precisely target the bombs, they are due at least that much leeway when inflicting collateral damage.
Hey, we don't kill as many innocents as we used to.

Note BBC has suppressed comments on this article...  there was a point when the public gets sick of it and the war is over.

After Israeli terrorists hanged a couple of kidnapped British sergeants, the British people turned against the occupation of Palestine.

After our general whacked a Viet Cong prisoner, USA turned on the American War in Viet Nam.

Maybe this rogue soldier knew what he was doing.  Getting the USA out of Afghanistan, the only way he knew how, by murder.

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