Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Love Government

I really do.

I love to play chess, which is governed by rules thousands of years old.  About the only rule in debate is whether you can castle after being in check or not.  It is the rules that make it possible to play the game everywhere on earth, and the rules governing chess that make it fun.

I love to ski, and because of the rules governing skiing it is fun and enjoyable.

I love to visit aikido clubs and practice.  Because of the rules governing every dojo in the world, I can go any where in the world and practice and know how to behave and have a beneficial time.

I love having parties, and everyone knows how to behave because of the rules governing polite society.

Two of the most important sets of rules governing international trade are the law merchant and Uniform Commercial Practices, both promulgated by market players, not and state.

As for money, I like gold, because it has its own rules that can be relied upon.

There is plenty of government to which I consent.

I could go on, but have you noticed anything?  None of the rules that I submit to, which make my life enjoyable, are state rules.  I love government, it is just the state that is objectionable.  I wish to withdraw my consent to be governed by the state.  The state agrees on a case by case basis, such as I was exempt from Obamacare, from the military draft, and I pretty much have avoided paying into social security and federal taxes.  All legally, and one of the geniuses of the USA system is it allows for withdrawing consent, if nothing else to silence any dissent.

Where the state intervenes mightily, such as medicine, education and food, I follow none of their rules, because in time we find those rules pointless or worse.

I can find no state function either necessary or beneficial.  It can all be replaced by free market government, with such advantage I am sorry more people do not realize this.

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