Sunday, March 11, 2012

Evil ebbs and flow, and a clear indication evil is on the ebb is humor.  Here is the former Soviet, now Russian Army Mens Chorus, providing back-up to the Leningrad Cowboys, a Finnish band.

And although this is not quite the People's Republic of China rendition, it is out of China, and for one who was there for the original, it is amazing to see the permission.

I was at an American War in Vietnam protest once in which on one side was a line of riot clad police, the other outraged college students who might be sent to the war.  Tensions were rising, both sides were itching for a fight.  A old fat longhaired fellow, probably a WWII combat veteran, stepping out between the two sides with a guitar.  He strummed a few cords to get everyones attention, and in a clear commanding voice he announced he was "going to play music, everyone take a partner...  (hahaha)... pig's choice.."  hahahah on both sides (although "pig" was the insulting word for "cops," even the cops thought it was funny.  Tension broke, crowds filtered, no violence.)

The powers that be put agent provocateurs into such crowds to incite police to violence, so the police can crack down.  The non-violent can do the same thing, insert humor provocateurs to incite laughter.  It is always worth a shot.  (Wait, bad choice of words...)  Worth a try....

By making war "volunteer" the powers that be eliminated any war resistance in the USA.

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