Friday, March 2, 2012

War On People By Medicine

Killing people is seen as necessary by some, and pre-emptive war is just in such people's mind.  The Nazi party led Germany against an abject fear of Bolshevism, not unfounded since while Hitler rose in power the Bolsheviks were starving to death 5 million Ukrainians in the Голодомор.  Germany was next.  Germany's error was violence, and pre-emptive strikes (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union).  This response turned out very bad for Germany.

National Socialism was a workers party, and admired by many in England.  Keynes recommended his economic plan to the nazi party in his foreword in the German language edition.  Here George Bernard Shaw, english playwrite (My Fair Lady) recommends the elimination of many in society, if they cannot justify their existence to people like him. Circa 1930.

He called for a gas to be made to kill the weak.  The Germans listened. Today a Secretary of Health in USA is calling for elimination of kids through abortion and abortifacients.  No person, no problem. The goal is to decide who lives and who dies, as decided by the State.  This 2012.

Video here...

This is nothing new in USA.  The reason it continues, it no one is ever prosecuted.  If you have a program in USA to kill or harm the weak or defenseless, you are safe.

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