Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NorCom and Oath Keepers

USA "prosperity" is built on the capitalist system of debt and borrowing.  The system will continue as long as we can borrow from China.  As long as the powers that be can sustain their credibility on being able to tax farm USA Citizens, it will continue.  The most fundamental element in credibility is to be able to bring violence to bear on resistance.

Of the minimum 50 million people murdered in the last century, almost all of them were done by people in uniform under some sort of constitution.

There are some people in uniform that take their oath seriously, and will not violate the constitution.  In USA they have an orgainization called "oath keepers."  Of the millions of people in uniform who have sworn to uphold the constitution, only a few thousand have joined this group.

Nonetheless, these few could be a problem.  What if protestors in New York pose a threat to the powers that be?  Tea partiers in Iowa?  Occupiers in LA, and the police or national guard declines to maim and kill on orders?

China can bring in Mongolian soldiers to effect a Tian An Men disaster.  USA has no such means, yet.  Comes along with the NDAA now something called NorCom.  And here is a US Department of Defense Memo which prefers Canadian spelling and nomenclature.

So when the citizens of Denver or Toronto decide they have had enough and want to assembly to petition the government, a regiment of the Michoacan Lancers will come in with free reign to put down the protests.

We have already arrived at the point where US generals refuse to execute the war plans of our rogue presidents.  Every Bush war was preceded by the general in charge of that theatre being dismissed.

We need to return to no standing army.

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