Saturday, March 10, 2012

What Is the Difference?

As a conscientious objector, I am trying to comply with the command "Thou Shalt Not Kill."  To me this includes the yet born since so far every one of them is born a human.  As a liberal, I give them the benefit of the doubt and judge them human.  

The church does not condemn a decision to go to war, if under certain conditions and after careful moral reflection. It is a case of prudential judgment.

The church does not condemn a decision to take the life of a child, if under certain conditions and after careful moral reflection. It is a case of prudential judgment.

In both cases, the realm of prudential moral judgment is so rare as to be the modern version of debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

But when Catholics step outside of cases of prudential judgment and clearly violate Catholic moral teaching, why do the bishops condone one and condemn the other?

Since the bishops are reviewing matters regarding their errors in managing relations with the state, they ought to consider this mater as well.

It is possible to take the life of a child legitimately.

But those who call for universal unrestricted abortion are scandalously rejecting church teaching. The church presses catholic politicians who proclaim a universal right to abortion any time and any place.

It is possible to wage war legitimately. But the current catholic candiadtes make clear they are calling for war beyond prudential judgment, and well with in the realm of active crime. Those who call for unrestricted war find no such challenge from the US bishops.

The popes have in fact condemned USA agression in the Middle East.

To make clear, the last two popes have specifically condemned the USA occupation of Iraq.

But there has been no contradiction of the call for widespread war crimes by candidates claiming to be “pro-life” and catholics in good standing.

There was once one Catholic archbishop, a cardinal, Bernardin by name, who conemned both. He called his consistent teaching a seamless garment. He was accused of child molesting, of course, although his accuser eventually recanted, but not before much damage was done.

Many people of good will say the USA bishops are hypocritical, in condemning active violations of Church teaching in the area of reproduction, but giving committed warmongers a pass.

To call for unrestricted abortion invites excommunication. The bishops warn such politicians.

To call for unrestricted war invites excommunication. The bishops give American candidates a pass.

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