Sunday, June 16, 2013

Attack Syria For a Gas Pipeline

The taxpayers of the USA, by means of their politicians, have budgeted 50,000 deaths in our plans to enter the Syrian civil war.
What happens between now and the end of summer is likely to be catastrophic for the Syrian public and perhaps Lebanon.  The “chemical weapons-red line” is not taken seriously on Capitol Hill for the reason that the same “inclusive evidence” of months ago is the same that is suddenly being cited to justify what may become essentially an all-out war against the Syrian government and anyone who gets in the way.  Hand wringing over the loss of 125 lives due to chemical weapons, whoever did use them, pales in comparison to the more 50,000 additional lives that will be lost in the coming months, a figure that  Pentagon planners and the White House have “budgeted” as the price of toppling the Assad government.
The war is over a gas pipeline, that is to say who controls it.  The Russians control one into Europe now, and with Assad, a second one they would.

Why is it nobody in the west ever thinks of just paying for what they want?  Doesn't it get tiresome that we only invade countries with something we can steal?

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