Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vietnam Era Antiwar Documentary

I was already a conscientious objector when I saw "Hearts and Minds" in 1974, an anti-Vietnam war documentary.  Interviews with Sergeant Marshall were some of the most delightful scenes, for his spontaneity and skill at story telling.  This is about 30 seconds.

After several scenes of this fellow interspersed throughout the documentary, the last scene of him is a pull-away shot to reveal he lost his legs in the war.  It is heartbreaking.

One of the arguments for modern war is it is so precise that we can limit it to targeting the bad guys.  That what they told us in Vietnam.  This fellow relates how 35 of his comrades were burnt alive in friendly fire.  We are told this is true today, when drones wipe out weddings.

When do not need a standing military when a Sargeant Marshall, in Detroit, is armed and ready to meet any threat to USA, in USA.  Well, before he lost the use of his legs in Vietnam, of course.

(NB: the film has been edited to have him say "post toastie to the bitter."  The term in the 60's and 70' was "<whatever> to the bitch," a play on "to the nth" an expression of how far.  There were many curious phrases, like "what it is.")

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