Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Not a Conscientious Objector

Here is a fellow who will not fight because he disagrees with the politics of the current war in Israel.

Neither could he seek exemption of the grounds of pacifism. "The army has a narrow definition of pacifism – someone who would never apply force in any circumstances. The [IDF's] conscience committee asks tough questions, and I would not be able to say never. I think force should be used rarely, but it can't be completely ruled out."
Blanc is willing to undertake national service in lieu of the compulsory stint in the army, but thus far the military has refused to countenance this.

If one is not against war, only against a particular war, then he is not a conscientious objector.  He is a dissident.  That is a different class.  And if you are willing to do "alternate service" then I doubt one is a conscientious objector.

As to never using force, well, the rule is "that shalt not kill."  Not "that shalt not use force."  You use force when you play baseball, but you do not kill people.

And conscientious objection is conscientious, there are possibilities that one might instinctually use lethal force, but not intentionally.

So anyway, this fellow is no conscientious objector.

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