Saturday, June 1, 2013

We Need Truth Commissions

Here is a bit of history that gets overlooked...

Estes was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 1963, but paroled in 1971. Eight years later, he was convicted of tax fraud and served another four years.
Emerging from prison a second time, he gave what he called a ‘voluntary statement to clear the record’ in 1984. He told a stunned grand jury investigation that Henry Marshall, the bullet-ridden investigator, had been killed on the orders of Lyndon Johnson, who at the time of the murder had been U.S. Vice President.  
Estes claimed his accountant had also been killed by Wallace, who had been doing Johnson’s dirty work since 1950, when he had been convicted of shooting a man who just happened to have been having an affair with Johnson’s sister. When the Justice Department pushed him for more information, Estes dropped his bombshell. In return for a pardon and immunity from prosecution, he said he would detail eight killings ordered by Johnson. 

But these assertions never went anywhere.

Estes’ incredible allegations never went any further as prosecutors ruled they could not be corroborated. 

The fellow who made them, an LBJ business partner, could care less if they went anywhere or not, the result was Estes would not ever be going to prison for a third time for crimes yet unpunished.  And accessory to capital crimes has no statute of limitations.

They could not be corroborated because who wants to risk his life talking to the Feds?  How interested are the Feds in getting the facts out?  Too many loose ends.

But we have passed the point of no return in regards to trusting law enforcement in USA.  The responsible parties declined to maintain oversight and decency.  Election fraud is material in USA, so there is no chance of getting a congress that will reform the executive branch.

But we do have a system of wiggle out of this mess.  We could have private attorneys general with the power to offer complete immunity for all crimes, such as Billy Sol Estes received.   Even capital crimes.

The info Billy Sol Estes could lead to others who would gladly escape prosecution in trade for the truth.  The result would be a reckoning of the facts and perhaps a bit of maturing on the part of the USA electorate.  In any event, there is nothing like sunshine to clean up the body politic, and no doubt some excused criminals would get punished by interested parties, but that would the a risk they would run.

If someone was clearly guilty of something proven by several witness accounts, then let the government prosecute such suspects.

You have a better way to fix the lawlessness of the USA criminal justice system?

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